Types of coffee and drinks on its basis. Recipes and cooking methods

Coffee-achievers note presence of mysterious spirit at this drink, which brings a feeling of true pleasure. A lot of people confuse concepts of types and grades of coffee. They have absolutely different value. The type of coffee is caused by a cooking method of fragrant drink, and the grade designates belonging of grains to a concrete grade of a coffee tree.

Set of popular coffee recipes usually prepared on the basis of espresso — the concentrated black coffee which is made in the special coffee machine. The name “espresso” speaks about itself. First of all about a way of its preparation. Saturated taste of this kind of coffee drink is reached by following: through 6-7 grams of well fried fine-grained coffee pass the water, heated practically boiling temperature — 92-95 degrees. The total of the received drink equal to 30-35 ml. So every time when you will be making any coffee the primary goal will be making an espresso. And then you will add other ingredients.

Espresso fortress degree can also vary by an addition of a different amount of water or use of a bigger amount of ground coffee. In this regard, it is possible to allocate several kinds of espresso: Americana, doppio, lungo, ristretto.

Americana — popular option of espresso preparation. The ratio of a coffee concentrate and water (on 30 ml of espresso added 90-120 ml of hot water) allows to achieve, saturated, but soft taste.

Doppio — the classical portion of espresso doubled. Some kind of “double espresso”.

Lungo is probably, an average option on the fortress of coffee drink between classical espresso and an Americana. 50-60 ml of water are the share of 7 grams of the ground coffee used in this option of preparation of espresso.

Ristretto is the strongest kind of espresso. It is caused by an increase in concentration of the coffee and reduction (in comparison with a usual portion of espresso) water volume. Here the following proportion is matured: 7 grams of coffee on 20-25 ml of water. This kind of espresso was especially fallen in love by Italians — it is considered the most concentrated and is served with a glass of chilled water.

Despite pronounced and saturated taste, many fans of coffee wish to diversify recipes of preparation of this drink with additional components. Among the most usable and the dairy products: milk, cream, milk foam.

Americana with milk. Classical recipe of a proportion, in this case, following: 50 ml of milk mix up from 50 ml of water and 30 ml of espresso. As a result, the classical cup an American of 130 ml turns out.

Café con Leche. It is literally translated as “coffee with milk”. Very simple and popular recipe in Spain and Portugal. The made coffee (in any kind — espresso, double espresso) mixes up with milk in a proportion 1:1.

Cappuccino. This recipe assumes addition of the milk which is shaken up in hot foam. It drinks, rather big on volume — 150 ml. In preparation of a cappuccino of all its components (espresso, milk, a milk skin) mix up in the ratio one to one. The classical option — it is added to 40 ml of espresso by 40 ml of milk and as much milk foam.