Treating Anxiety – The Most Natural Way

Anxiety is probably the disease of the century as more and more people deal with this on a daily base. Perhaps it’s the pressure at work or the more demanding society, it is best guesses at most but the fact that it influences peoples lives on a regular base is no secret anymore.

It probably also has to do with the way we eat, with little time for cooking it’s easy to hit the drive-in on our way home and end up with some unhealthy fats to process and instead of jogging in the morning we touch down on the couch only to get off it to get some sugary drink.

Instead of running to the pharmacy or worse a psychiatrist to get yourself some Diazepam or Xanax there are a number of ways to treat anxiety without any chemical meds at all so let’s check our options.

Start jogging / running

I bet you saw that one coming, the easiest way to get rid of those hormones that build up a pressure in your body is by exercising 30 minutes a day, same as what the doctor told you. You might think it’s nonsense but you probably haven’t tried it yet so just do it for once and see how well it actually works.

Start cooking again

Most of our diseases are caused by what we ingest, so stop being lazy and stop at the supermarket, hop over to the fresh groceries section and get yourself some fresh fruits & vegetables. If you are lucky they have freshly cooked meals, perfect for singles that can afford it as it is a little more expensive than doing the cooking yourself. However, if you have a family it’s much too expensive so switch it up with your partner and make sure there is a healthy meal on the table each night and allow your kids to enjoy that so they grow up to be healthy adults.

Stop addictive substances

You already know that smoking is bad for your health but you probably didn’t know it increases your anxiety, the same applies to caffeine which is a more obvious anxiety generator, so if you feel a bit shaky these are the first things to stop with. If you can’t stop smoking I recommend you get some CBD oil, there are vaporizers for this so that way you still feel you are smoking, just a little different than what you’re used to. Now before you think about just smoking a joint it’s truly not the same thing. I highly suggest you read what has to say about this as they explain it better than I ever could.