Steve Moody
Old School Convict
If I had to pick
some theme music for Steve
I’d pick some of that
bad old Southern Blues
Or maybe some ZZ Top
Not the radio singles
but the deep album cuts

Northside Steve Moody
Once told me about
a dude here
who he did time with
back in the late 70’s
Told me about how
he let the dude
his brand new
shined up Stacy Adams
to go on furlough

See, back then the chicks digged
the Stacy Adams. Man, I don’t know
what the hell he did but he
sure as hell wasn’t picking up
any chicks. My shoes came back
with dirt all over ‘em and unshined!

Thirty years later
Steve was still
mad at the dude
behind those Stacy’s

H-Town Steve Moody
Old School Gangster
And when I say Gangster
I don’t mean Gangsta’
I’m talkin’ John Dillinger
Clyde Barrow
Smooth style
Smoke-filled pool hall
Southern Comfort Whiskey

Square glass
No ice
Pullin’ on a cigarette
real cool like
Stacy’s shined up

Steve Moody
Heart of a warrior
Raised up
by prison riots
Dodging Knife thrusts
and state-issued
shotgun blasts
Fully sleeved out
with decades old
faded prison tatts

Old school Steve Moody
52 years old
Hit the dayroom
and work out harder
than dudes half
his age
Fade the riot team
head on
Face to face
Give ‘em hell
before they cuffed him

Northside Steve Moody
Once got gassed so much
he was blind
for four days
went on a hunger strike
for three
long weeks
Putting his body
on the line
for change

Steve sent me a picture
of himself before he died
On the back it read:

Well man, this is it until we
meet again. Hang tough and
I hope things turn out
for you just the way
you want them to, whatever
way that may be. Journey
well and stay strong good
Friend. Lace Ace.
Love and Respect,
Steve M.

Old School Steve Moody
Always solid
Always read
One hundred percent
Stand up dude

One of the last
of a dying breed

executed September 16, 2009