Select The Best Among The Different Types Of Meat Slicers

Meat slicers are quite important and useful equipments and give best meat cutting facility. Instead of using an electric knife or a butcher’s knife, slicers prove quite useful and give best and proper slicing of the meat. Meat slicers are quite suitable and sit pretty on the top and are equipped with a saw to give the best slicing facility. Meat slicers are quite compatible and give you the facility to slice raw as well as roasted meat in perfect shape without much effort whatsoever.

Extremely technical and easy to operate device, meat slicers give you the ability to cut thin as well thick pieces of meat and you can also look to vary the size of the slice in small as well as large proportions. Meat slicers come in manual as well as electronic type and cost quite a hefty amount. In order to make sure that you get the best selection, it is quite apt that you take the help of and guide yourself with best of buying requirements.

Meat slicers and the different types of machines

Light duty meat slicers – Smaller in size than other type of slicers, light duty slicers are pretty much suitable in homes for domestic use. Most of the light duty meat slicers come with 5 watt motor powered with a 7 inch blade. The device is used on regular basis and is quite durable, the blades or saw of the device if damaged by chance can be repaired quite easily without much expenses.

Medium range meat slicers – More powerful than normal ones, medium range meat slicers are best suited for hotels and restaurants. Medium duty meat slicers are powered with a blade that range in between 8 to 14 inches and comes with a motor engine that has approximately 100 to 130 watt power. Suitable for cutting heavy and large meats, medium sized meat slicers are also quite useful in slicing vegetables and cheese as well.

Heavy duty commercial meat slicers – Extremely powerful and highly productive, heavy duty ones are powered with best of motor and the blades are made of metals like carbon and steel. The machine is used for commercial purposes where meat selling is a profession. The machines are used on regular basis and do not run the risk of damage or motor failure provided they are serviced regularly. Best in business, they give quite decent value for money and help in meat slicing in the most refined and easy fashion.