Main types and characteristics of drill bits.

Drill bits are necessary for the creation of openings or deepening in any type of material. It occurs because of cutting edge motion along an axis, which is moving at the same time. Besides the creation of new openings with drill bit you may be able to wider the older one when it is not enough. The process of openings and deepening making is called drilling. On a design, different types of drill bits very significantly differ from each other. Further, we will consider what they are. Click here to learn more about this.

The screw drill bit, which is also called spiral, is most often used in everyday life. The length of this tool reaches 27,5 centimeters. It is used in order to drill wood and other materials. Spiral drills usually have a diameter from 0,1 millimeter to 8 centimeters. They are made of special tool steel, carbonaceous or alloyed.

The flat drill bit has the feather form. This type of drill bit is also called pen-type. It is applied for the drilling of big and deep openings. Its cutting edge made in the form of a shovel.

If it is necessary to drill especially deep opening which depth exceeds five diameters it is required to apply the long drill bit. It has two screw channels. On these channels the special emulsion cooling the tool in the course of workflows. They may be performed either in a drill or in the tubes soldered to its back part.

In case when the produced opening must have the especially exact size it is necessary to use the drill bit intended for cutting only by one party. It has a basic plane, and it’s both edges for cutting are on the one hand from the central axis of the tool.

In case when it is necessary to produce a center opening in a detail, apply the special drill called by centering.

Also in case of the choice of a drill bit do not forget to consider type of its covering. The cheapest covering is an oxide film of black color. It preserves the tool from a rust and also protects it from an overheat. Drill service life, naturally, increases.

The ceramic covering from nitride of the titan is very strong. It prolongs life to the tool at least then by three times. The drill with a covering from TiN cannot be sharpened; otherwise, all its benefits will come to naught.

The drills covered with TiAlN – titan-aluminum nitride differs in higher quality and reliability. At the same time, such drill can work smoothly by five times longer, than ordinary.

Approximately the same quality TiCN is considered a covering carbonitride the titan, otherwise.

If it is necessary to work with material of high hardness, for example, with porcelain tile or a stone, it is required to use the strongest drills – with a diamond covering. To them is not present equal on durability.