Instagram Verification Scams – How to Stay Safe

So, a message pops on Instagram. It’s from a company that wants to verify your page. Yes, they want to help you get a blue verified badge next to your name. That way, your page will look more professional and by extension, help you gain followers. Sounds enticing, right? After all, it takes a lot of effort to gain followers on Instagram. But, before you give it a second thought, here’s what you should be on the lookout for.

How Sweet is the Deal?

Of course, if the deal is too sweet, think twice. That’s what they say – and for a good reason. Don’t be swayed to believe that any company will make you gain followers overnight. In fact, if any service uses unrealistic phrases such as “gain 5,000 followers in 24 hours,” it is time to run. Keep in mind that an Instagram growth company that’s out to scam unsuspecting Instagrammers will use such lines to lure them in. The idea is to get you to think of the service as the best you can get if you want fast results.

How Quickly do They Want you to Make the Payment?

To begin with, an Instagram growth company that wants to scam you will start by reaching out to you via a direct message. They’ll tell you what they’re all about and proceed to ask you to make a payment almost immediately. In other words, the person on the other end will try to convince you to pay for the verification process as soon as you can. That way, you won’t have a lot of time to think through the entire process. So, if the service doesn’t go into details of the deal, don’t spend their money with them.

How’s the Company’s Reputation?

You may fail to tell if a particular Instagram growth service is a scam using the two factors mentioned above. However, you cannot fail to detect fraud if you read real user reviews. You see, people will give reviews about a company and rate its performance. A service with tons of positive reviews accompanied by high ratings is likely to provide value for your money.

On that note, stay away from services such as Skweezer. According to The Small Business Blog, Skweezer has no real reviews from real customers. They don’t even have an email or phone form on their website. Plus, their customer service is almost nonexistent.