Great Birthday Party Games

What birthday party isn’t complete without games? It’s a tradition at most parties, and the reason is because they are fun and memorable. The trick is to try something new, so here are some ideas to keep things lively at your next birthday party:

–First, know the age of your guest of honor and your party guests, because, as you well know, games for kids will be different than games for adults.

–For kids, it’s okay to play the standard games, like pin the tail on the donkey. This is where all the kids take turns being blindfolded, and have to try to pin or tape a paper or cardboard tail onto a picture of a donkey affixed to the wall. Even though it’s a kid game, a lot of adults get a kick out of it too.


It’s a really fun guessing game, where each person takes turns acting out clues to a popular movie, book, song, etc. This game can be played by kids and adults alike.

–Bust the balloon.

This is a raceĀ  where you give everyone a balloon to blow up and bust by sitting on it, all within a short time frame, say 30 seconds to one minute. Some balloons are tougher than others to blow up, and some people are faster, so it can be fun to see who comes out the winner.

–The clothespin game looks weird and makes people laugh.

You set an empty container in the middle of the living room floor or in the yard as the case may be, have 10 clothespins handy, then have each person stand over the container, wedging each clothespin between their knees and try dropping them into the container. The trick is to see how many out of 10 can be dropped in. The winner gets a prize of course.

–A similar game to the clothespin game is the cotton ball game.

Everyone sits around in the living room waiting their turn. A big bowl of cotton balls, one spoon, and a glass jar are passed from person to person. The idea is to see who can scoop the most cotton balls into the jar with only one scoop of the spoon.

–A video game.

Kids, and sometimes adults, like to gather in front of the TV or PC for a video game. It would be especially fun to have a scary one for a Halloween-themed party. You can find horror games atĀ They have free downloads, and horror games can be a fun change from the usual fare.


This is a game for kids and adults. You may remember it from your childhood. The idea is to follow the directions given by a spinning arrow, then match your hands and feet to the designated colored spots on the mat. The trick is not to fall down.