Foosball Variations You Need to Know About

When hosting a foosball tournament, you need to understand the various variations so that you keep the players engaged. Having the same kind of game day in day out leaves most of the participants yearning for more. Let us look at the various variations you can use in the next tournament.

You can have each table in the tournament running a single variation each time. If you don’t have enough tables, get a few from Foosball Fanatic to make the game successful.

Open Entry Singles

In this variation, the tournament is open to both seasoned and new players alike. You come up with a handicap based on the differences in rank. For instance, a pro gives one point to the semi-pro and 3 points to the beginner. However, the player who gives up the points gets some starting possessions to cover the points he has sacrificed.

Pick Your Partner

In this variation, each of your registered players is given a chance to pick a completely new partner to pair up with. The first step is to randomize the players and then let a player pick from those that are signed up for the tournament. When the first player is picked, and he picks a partner, they are signed off the list, and then randomization is performed again to prevent double picking. The process continues until you are left with only two players who automatically form a team.

Open Singles and Open Doubles

Open doubles and singles are the best ways to rank the available players. This form simulates top-level tournaments and decides who among the people in the tournament is the baddest in the region. Aspiring players will gain much by playing against the veterans in the game. You might find champion players that have grown cocky over time being humbled by novices who are new to the game.

The game is usually intense especially with disappointments galore. Open singles help players to prepare for doubles that might happen later on.

How to Motivate Your Players

Player motivation is essential when it comes to these competitions. You need to have bonuses and incentives for newbies to encourage them to play better. You also need to have trophies and cash gifts for those players that are overall winners.

Ready to Host The Perfect Tournament?

If you wish to host a perfect tournament, you need to come up with variations of the game to avoid boredom. The variations will involve more players and better competition.