Death Row Conditions

the Death Row administrations disparate enforcing of certain rules as a means of psychological warfare.

how the Death Row administrations refuses to ensure we receive our essentials (clean clothing, sanitary & working facilities, decent food, and adequate health care).

the inadequate disciplinary hearings which amounts to than Kangaroo court.

how the Death Row administration refuses to allocate funds acquired from us through their commissary for “E & R” (educational and recreational) programs for the Death Row community upliftment. Does our so-called deserving of death make us undeserving of self-embetterment?

how the majority of our grievances are systematically found meritless by the same warden who oversees the unit wherein the problems exist… if the grievances don’t mysteriously come up missing; suppressing our voice against mistreatment through a superficial grievance procedure.

the mental deterioration a Death Row prisoner undergoes being confined to the dormancy of a cage 22-24 hrs a day, without any contact to people or worldly affairs.

the premise that anything associated with the promotion of the Death Penalty is equally inherently corrupted.