Drilling Through Metal

Drill bits represent some of the most widely used tool parts especially for DIY projects. You come across many bits for different applications including wood, metal and steel. It is important that you choose the right kind of drill bit for the right purpose so that you get the best results. Today we look at drill bits for use on metal.

Drill Bits for Metals

Drill bits for metal or steel are specific because of the demands from the job they have to handle. Steel is one of the hardest metals to drill through and therefore need the hardest drill bit. Drill bits for metal are made out of a specific kind of steel called high speed steel.

This kind of steel is meant to handle all the stresses that metal substrate produce on the bit. This makes the bit hard enough to go through the metal surface without failing to penetrate or snapping.

High speed steel is different from carbon steel that is used to make bits used in masonry. This bit features a strengthened bit that is colored red to distinguish it. You cannot use the carbon steel tips to drill steel because the carbon steel is too brittle for such applications.

Advances in steel drill bits include the addition of a coating of titanium nitride, usually distinguishable by a copper or golden color. This has the benefit of added strength as well as lubrication.

The Center Drill Bit

You come across bits called center drill bits when looking for the perfect drill bit for your need. This drill bit is used when handling metal in order to create a hole that acts as the starting hole for a larger bit. You can use this hole to create larger holes for your needs.

Using a larger drill bit without the option of a starting bit makes it hard to drill because you won’t have a stable point to start the drilling from. The drill constantly moves around and can lead to accidents.

Make sure you choose the right bit from drillbitbest.com to suit your work cycle. The size of the drill bit also depends on the tasks you plan to use the drill bit on.


Drilling through metal makes it easy to handle projects that require steel or metal. One of the ways to get the task done is to choose the right kind of drill bit depending on the task at hand.